What’s Better iOS/ OS X or Windows


What’s Better IOS or Windows with experience with both of them I prefer  Mac because there are apps (applications) that could help you entertain you and keep you busy. If you have notice you cannot get any apps on the windows software you will need to go on a website or buy a compacted disk, unlike the Mac you can get any apps in app store. It is not literally a store it is a default application that comes with the system.


Every year there is a new software like Window 8 that is or IOS 6.0 and on. And to buy Window it is pretty expensive like $200 or more or less but for the Mac’s it is free. The system asks if you would like to update it and in a few minutes you are up-to-date.


In a PC with Windows has a lot of possibilities of getting a viruses how ever Mac’s get it very rarely because it has a build-in anti-viruses especially the latest Mac:, Mac OS X.


Windows and Mac’s can take all types of USB external Hard Drives. But still some USB are not  comparable with Windows 8 that came out lately.


For both of the software you need to play around with it so you can understand how it works. Always remember never give any site your personal info. If you are afraid that you might get a virus go to www.rogers.com/web/content/internet_security-featuresand you can get Anti-virus for free.

So after all this it is your decision what you want


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