Importance to teach Gov’t

It is important to teach students about the Government in every grade because the government is in charge of the country. And students should know what’s going on in their country and what laws there are. Especially who are the leaders are such as Member of Provincial Parliament, Member of Legislative Assembly, Prime Minister, Member of Parliament, Mayor, and City Councillors.

It is also important to teach students about the government because they can start to think about their future career, also teach the process of making a law so if they want to be in Youth Parliament they can.

During voting time they can help their parents if they still have not made a decision. If you teach students about the government, there is a better chance for them to make better choices.

To help kids understand they can go to field trips, such as to the Municipal office.  If you are in Toronto you can go to City Hall and if the Provincial/Territorial/State government. Or do projects such as having a class vote and find out which party is supported the most by students.


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