Each time you smoke you lose 5-20 minutes of your life.  Hello Judges Teachers and fellow opponents my name is Veeththakan and I will tell you why you should avoid smoking. I will be talking to you about two types of smoking, the many chemicals in cigarettes and how they affect your body negatively and peer pressure which is a common reason why people start.  But of course YOU should not give into peer pressure!

Types of Smoking   
There are two types of smoking. One is First-Hand Smoking; it is when you have a cigarette in your mouth. Also known as pulling air from the cigarette. The second type of smoking is, Second-Hand-Smoking is not done on purpose. It is when you inhale the negative scent that comes out of the cigarette. For example, say there is a room with two people. One person is smoking and the other person is inhaling the negative scent. That is second hand smoking.

Chemicals & Side Effects

In a cigarette there are about 4000 chemicals that negatively affect your body. First hand and innocent second hand smokers can get lung cancer, asthma, emphysema, and other lung problems or diseases.
Also, if pregnant women smoke, it can have negative affects on their their babies. The baby can be born with lower than regular weight, have breathing or lung problems, or get middle ear infections.

Peer Pressure
Peer Pressure is one of the common reasons why people start smoking in high school. For example you want to join a group, then the group might say “let’s see if you have everything it takes.” and they will make you smoke.
Also if you wanted a group to stop bullying you, they might say:“ In order for us to stop bullying you, you will have to smoke.” Never give in to these pressures and start to smoke because once you start, it is very hard to stop!.

Additional Reasons why People Smoke and How to Avoid It
In the future when you get a job and you get stressed out, you might want to smoke. Instead of giving in, you can go on a jog, exercise a lot , do something you really wanted to do, hang out with friends who don’t smoke, keep a list of the negative effects of smoking, and also relax a lot!

Instead of buying cigarettes buy something that will make you healthier and stronger in life.  And will be useful. A pack a cigarettes is about 10 dollars and one cigarette has about 4000 chemicals. Those chemicals do not help your body or the environment. So please do not start to smoke.

Thanks for listening to my speech.  Have a good day.


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