Since electricity came into place, smog started to happen. Smog is a horrible pollutant for all living things and the environment.


What is Smog

Smog is a mixture of pollutants in the air. It is mainly made up of burning coal for electricity as well as fossil fuel for electricity, cars and diesel for our cars. To find if it is a Smoggy day it will


When does Smog Happen, It’s Effects, and Risks

According to the City of Toronto smog happen in the Summer.

The effects of smog are:


  • worsen heart problems, worsen asthma, worsen bronchitis and start to have other lung problems.

People who are/has


  • children

  • with lung diseases and heart conditions

  • with asthma

  • Seniors

these people must have to be very careful. Because it can worsen their health.


How to Avoid and Help

To help you can, use renewable electricity, such a hydro, solar, and wind, off your lights when you don’t need it.

When the weather is warm walk to your destination (if possible) or ride a bike (if possible) or even you can carpool anytime.

This is how Smog effects you and other this is a bad thing. It is also bad for the environment. So stop polluting and make a difference.



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