Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood had lived with her father in the woods. One day Little Red’s father told her to deliver to her Grandpa a piece of pie and a bottle of cocktail.

On her way she saw three houses with pigs in it. And all the pigs were on their way to the brick house. The smartest and oldest pig’s house. But little did she know the cute pigs were naughty. So she went to the house where everyone was and introduced herself. “Hello, I am Little Red Riding Hood Welcome to the neighbourhood!”

“Hello we are the Lazy Pigs, where are you going?” questioned the pigs

So Red told them where she was going.


Due to the wolf blowing down the three Lazy Pig’s houses three months ago, they had to go to court. In court, the jury said they had to be friends.

So they are now friends and the wolf turned the pigs from nice-to-naughty.  The Pigs then called the Wolf. So the Wolf to the went to the Grandpa’s and put the Grandpa in a trash can. Poor Guy he could not even scream. Five minutes later, Little Red showed up and said:

“What big nose you have!”

“The easier to breathe with,” answered the wolf.

“What big eyes you have!” she exclaimed.

“The better to see you with!” replied the wolf.

“What a big mouth you have!” she said.

“The better to gobble you up!!” exclaimed the wolf.

Luckily Red knew Tae Kwon Do and the wolf got hurt. On his way out, he knocked over the trash can and Grandpa escaped.  With the wolf gone, they lived happily ever after.


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