Great Wolf Lodge or FallsView

(FVIWP)       Or            (GWL)

Which is better: Great Wolf Lodge Or FallsView Water Park? In Niagara Falls, there are two great water parks on the same street.


You might be planning on going to  Niagara Falls in the summer and you want to go to a water park as well. The prices at Great Wolf Lodge are from $200-400. The prices at FallsView Water Park start at $99. You will have to pay extra for the hotel

With my experience I like Great Wolf Lodge better. But it is worth it for the price.

The Reasons I like

The reason I like Great wolf lodge are because there are  more and different rides at Great Wolf Lodge. There also they have other things such as outdoor mini golf, fitness room, fantasy quest,  arcade, story time, family dance, scavenger hunt and many more.


But Fallsview doesn’t have any of this. The positive thing is that there is a good view of the falls.  But anyway just 5 min. from Great Wolf Lodge.  But the border is approximately a 20 min drive.


The Room

In Great Wolf Lodge you will get a Mini fridge and a microwave, but at FallsView Water Park will have to get one of the 5 hotels. Please select a hotel. and the rest of the paragraph will be about GWL. At Gwl you will get a full 3 piece washroom. At GWL has a tub.  In GWl you will at least 1 queen bed (depends the amount of people). At GWL you will also get 1 folding bed.

Hotel(this will be about GWL as well):

In the Hotel the will be a all you can eat buffet. That is 25.00 a day (approximately). With a press of a button you can get room service (that does not mean food).

These are the reason why I like GWL better!  


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