chromecastFINALChromecast is a dongle that Google has created. Chromecast is compared to  Apple’s Airplay (Apple TV).

Google has made it an HDMI stick. did a review and did a comparing of the two (Apple’s Airplay and Google Chromecast).

As the Chart shows, it has some similarity such as they both have Netflix and YouTube and more. They also have differences such as size and platform support. Chromecast will work with iOS, Android, Windows, and Chrome OS. This is unlike Airplay, which only works on iOS and OS X. An advantage for Airplay is that it works with more applications.  Unlike Chromecast, Airplay has Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Spotify, Rdio, Dual screen gaming, Third Party-API and Pandora. The Verge said Pandora is going to come soon in Chromecast. According to they say Chromecast is incredibly easy to setup.

Airplay has 8GB for storage Chromecast’s storage is unknown but maybe around 2-4 GB’s of storage.


The price for the Chromecast is quite unbelievable it’s $35 US, unlike Airplay which is $99 US.


Many people have Apple products so you can sync all your movies and songs. With Airplay when you are playing on your apple device and you have guests over and want to see you play, you can stream the game on your television.


This is according to CNET Video (  Rishi Chandra , Director, Product Manager, Google, said after setting up Chromecast and your TV  is off and you want to watch a YouTube video,  you do not have to physically on your TV. Remotely Chromecast will turn your TV on and automatically change the input.


More to come so come back every week!



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