Controversy Surrounding Mayor Rob Ford

Rob Ford Powers has been taken away at City Hall. This happened couple weeks ago during a Council Meeting.

The reason why his powers were taken away was because of his latest behavior and his drug addiction. During the Council Meeting Councillors voted to take to pass the Mayors Powers to the Deputy Mayor, Norm Kelly

People are talking about this all over the world.

Also Rob Ford is no longer the Chief of the Executive Committee.

At the same Meeting Session Doug Ford Defended his brother by quoting:

“Why did you not the the same action on Paul Ainslie (Ward 43) when he was Drinking and driving?”

Mean while Rob Ford making faces and actions at Mr. Ainslie.

On a separate interview by Peter Mansbridge, Peter asks if he has Drunk driving. And Rob Ford said “everyone does it, after going to a party or a  restaurant having a glass of wine then driving. Yes I have.” Then Peter asked if he had Marijuna. Rod Ford simply said “Yes”. Then Peter asked what about Crack Cocaine and Rod Ford simply said “Yes”.

Here is a video of Rob Ford Admitting

Rob Ford Interview by Peter Mansbridge

Rob Ford Threating to Kill

What Does Rob Ford Say

Rob Ford The Movie



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