Thai Pongal

Thai Pongal is a day for Hindu to thank the Sun and the Cow. This event takes place for two days usually the 14 and the 16. This date is not a set date it follows the hindu calendar. On the 14 we pray for the sun, on the 16 we pray for the cow.

The reason we pray for the sun is because the sun gives us light and helps crops to grow and etc. The reason we pray for the cow is because the cow gives us milk which we use for most types of food.

To celebrate we greet each other by saying Happy Thai Pongal To each other. We also wear new clothing, go to the Temple, and cook sweets and other cultural food. Some of the Food/Sweets are Sweet Rice is rice that is

sweet which has raisins nuts and milk, Vadiai a round bun-like food that has onions potatoes and grain, Payasam a sweet liquid dessert made of nuts and raisins, Mothakome a sweet round dessert, and more.

In Sri lanka and India they make a Kolam Outside. It is made to welcome people. It plays a role as a welcome mat. It is a round art that people make in front of their homes.It is made using Coloured rice or Coloured power.

Before we eat we give the food we made to god and sun/cow, before we eat.

In different languages it is pronounced differently  i.e  Makara Sankranti.

This is how we celebrate Thai Pongal!


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