Trip to New York

What amazing light from Times Square, what amazing acrobatics in Battery Park.

Wait I didn’t even introduce myself, or tell you what I was going to tell you about.

Anyway, welcome to VeethSpace, I am Veeththakan Kaveekaran if you haven’t figured it out yet I am going to talk to you about my trip to New York City and Pittsburgh. We went to the United States Of America for two reasons, for shopping and sightseeing. We rented an eight passenger van because we were going with another family.

The trip all started at 3:00 in the morning on Friday, August 1st 2014. We got ready to set off to Pittsburgh. On our way to the border the sky had an amazing view of the sunrise.

We took a break at the Canadian Duty Free. We bought chocolate and the adults bought liquor. The chocolate was good especially the swiss milk with nuts. The nuts were so crunchy and the chocolate was so milky. Anyway we passed the border with no problem.  We had breakfast there when we passed the border. We had cake and hash brown. M mom made the cake and the hash browns were bought at Mc Donald’s.  We drove five hours to Grove City Outlet and did a lot of shopping especially at Nike as well as Tommy Hilfiger . We also had lunch at Grove City. We later bought two party size pizza’s. The pizza tasted different, like it was butter naan but with cheese and other topping. We bought it at Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen.

After, we went to our hotel, took a shower and went to a famous Hindu temple. We stayed there for an hour and they gave us hindu food as well. Some of the food were lemon rice and yogurt rice.  After we went to downtown Pittsburgh. We went up one of the old inclines. The ride took us up a hill. The hill was like the hill in Hollywood. The view was amazing especially the gushing fountain. Then we went to our hotel to sleep. The bed were soft and comfortable.  The next day we woke up, and ate breakfast. The food was good. It was like a buffet and they had egg, sausage, and more. After breakfast we paid them and set off to New York. On the way my friend from the other family and I felt car sick and hungry so we stopped at Mc Donald’s for a quick lunch. I personally hate Mc Donald’s but, it was better than nothing. In two hours we got to New York City. We got parking and started our day tour around uptown New York City. By the time we got off the bus, it was 7:45. We then started our journey to New Jersey where our hotel.

In New Jersey near our hotel there was a restaurant where the food was amazing especially the steak. After dinner we went to our hotel to sleep but no more than two people can sleep on the bed. The bed was too small for four people so my dad had to sleep on the floor. The next day was better but the hotel stole my brand new nike shoe. That day we went to visit Lady Liberty. She also provided us with outstanding foods.

We also went up the Empire Stare Building the eye’s view was great but the image taken by camera was horrible. After a long day we went to our hotel to go to sleep.

The next day we woke up late and set off to Buffalo. On the way we stopped at Woodbury Outlet for a bit of shopping. After we went to Buffalo, we had dinner at TGI Friday.

Then we passed the border at 1:30 am at 3:00 am we got home and went to bed.

That night was the best sleep we ever had for the weekend!

I felt so happy because we went to the USA and returned safely. I also felt happy because I was able to go out of Canada for the first time.


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