Black Friday And Cyber Monday

It’s only weeks away until Black Friday sales roll out and people fight to get the best bargain.

You may be wondering what Black Friday is. Well, Black Friday is the official/unofficial start to the holiday shopping season. Black Friday is the day after the American Thanksgiving, and Canadians, Americans, and the British also observe and celebrate this day. Some of the key contenders in North America are Best Buys, Costco and more. Most of their bargains are outstanding. Such as a Google Chrome Cast with a normal price of $39 at Costco can be purchased for 10% off plus a $10 Google Play Card to buy Applications (for any android devices) for only for $3.99. During Black Friday there are a lot of people visiting the hospital in Ambulances. If you haven’t experienced waiting in line for three days for an item you wanted for a long time and is all taken you might just find a better deal in another store or online, but this time of the year is the adults turn to be childish and fight over “I came to get it first!” “No, I got it first!”.  And from that all the violence begin here many  people visit the hospitaL and in a police cruiser as well as the store. I thought we taught our kids not to fight and negotiate or like Elsa from Frozen “Let it Go”.

The Monday after Black Friday is called Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the biggest day for online shopping with the most online bargains. This day is observed by United States Of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Chile, Colombia, Japan, Argentina, China, Ireland and more.

There are many tactics the business owners use during black Friday to trick people to buy the item. Owners know that on the day people go crazy say and item is 50% off but the price was the exact same but because you see 50 and percentage  off you won’t look at the price and think is it really sale or a trick.

Well, Black Friday is around the corner be safe and have fun!


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