The Fraser Institute

It’s that time of year when we all celebrate, wait a little off topic. Its also the time of year when the grade eights and sevens look into potential high schools that match their interest and their needs. One of the most used institutes for research is The Fraser Institute. The Fraser Institute is known in several reports. For example: healthcare, economies, school performance, and trade.

Today we will be talking about how The Fraser Institute evaluates school performance.

Every year the Fraser Institute collects data from the government and uses that info to calculate if the school has gone up or come down overall in all the schools in its area.

This is usually done using EQAO (Education Quality and Accountability Office) results which come out of the Grade 3 and 6 Math and Language testing, as well as the Grade 10 Literacy Test. First Fraser Institute collects data. Next, it finds the average of the school. Then they find the average of all the schools. Lastly they publish it.

I find this source very helpful as a grade seven planning ahead for high school.

Some boards and unions find The Fraser Institute offensive because it gives the community and the school a bad name and might make students will feel bad about themselves.

For example, my personal interests are in computers and technology so I want to go to a school that matches my interests, is academically high, and has special programs such as, IT which means INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY or C/N Sys which means CISCO/NOTAL SYSTEMS or Math Science Technology or STEM which stands for SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING and MATHEMATICS.

The school I chose was Ursula Franklin Academy which carries the Integrated Technology program and is 24th in all of Ontario High Schools.  This helps me because I don’t want to go to a school that is low in standard and will not get as much respect when I apply for university.

Even though School Boards find The Fraser Institute offensive and it is bad to compete between schools, I still think it is great source because the school knows where they are at.

I think Fraser Institute is a helpful source for both the school districts and the students.


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