Importance of Snow

Importance of Snow

It’s winter in Canada and from the day I was born until now, every winter I’ve survived through at least have 100 cm of snow before the new year. Yet this year it’s past New Year’s Eve and yet barely any snow. Well, we may have had about 20 cm but I remember this in February of last year my cousins and I complaining of not having enough snow. Well, you may be thinking that this year is a huge relief compared to last year’s Ice Storm in Toronto, I agree but snow is important and we must have snow. You must be thinking to just leave this post because I am crazy but I advise you to read the rest and share.

You might ask why snow is important and I have four reasons why snow is important because snow kills and bring down environment, bacteria, agriculture, environment and the economy.


The snow has had a very huge impact.

The snow reduces the temperature of the earth surface. This helps the earth and the environment because when the North start to melt and when snow falls it makes it had for it to melt and could save more animals. This happens, because the snow is cold and because the earths surface is warm due to global warming snow helps it cool.


You may ask how it kill and bring down bacteria. So here’s how bacteria is in the air we breathe so because the thickness of snow when it comes down it may have bacteria that’s also one reason we shouldn’t put our tongues out when it snows. This year we may not have had as much snow but have had several cases of the flu and deaths against it.


You may not know but farmers might be sad while we are happy because we don’t need to shovel, Farmers are worried if birds might peck and squirrels dig out seed they planted early which affects their income and the production of food.


Then, when we go to the grocery and see the prices so high for our favourite fruits and vegetables are so expensive we then ask a worker why the prices are so high then he’ll say shortage of ____________ which means higher the demands which troubles the consumers.

How Can You Help

Now you may ask why is this all happening and how you can help.

The reason why this all is happen is because of global warming. And, how can we reduce global warming, you ask. Well, number one if you smoke, then stop. By smoking you’re creating more carbon in the air and it’s not doing and good to your body as well.

Use less personal transportation and use more public transportation it creates less carbon in the air and improves the economy.

The snow is very important and gives joy to both kids and dogs (and other animals) it helps agriculture and help fight bacteria .



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