Positives and Negatives About Speech Arts

It’s the time of year in the TDSB for Speech Arts.

What is Speech Arts you may ask? Speech Arts is when a student who is in grade four or above writes a speech and presents it to the class and is chosen to advance to the next level. Its pretty much it’s a competition. However it also helps you on your confidents, your presentation, as well as you’re writing skills.

Now you may ask what this post is about, and the topics I will be focusing on is the positive and negative effects of Speech Arts!

Negative:  You may think the Speech arts is good but there are some bad things about it

After giving your speech and if you forget or something happens the next minute the whole school know. Reason number one why if student don’t feel confident they should do it in front of you the teacher or persuade he/she to do it in front of couple of friends and you.

Positives: Even thought I’ve listed a negatives there are many positive some of the positives are confidents. Preforming speeches increases your confidents to speak in front of a wide range of people. This skill will help you if you become a lawyer a politician and many more.

Thats not all it also helps with speech anxiety. What is “speech anxiety” you may ask? Well, speech anxiety is when your nervous. There are many phrase people who say thing when they are nervous. For example people say “I have butterflies in my tummy”  which means you don’t feel well. Ant that is 100% normal everyone feels that way when they first started. Well, you may say “It’s easy for you to say because you’re speaking in front of a camera.” Well, thats not true for me it feel harder for me to do it in front of a camera than improvising on stage and yes I have mc’ed for various of events in front of couple hundred student, teacher, principles and volunteers. And that’s not all having to present speeches from an early age can also help you in school as well. For example from real life experience, I’ve done a speech on heart diseases and that helped me in health is grade seven, also the teacher chose me to explain the rest of the lesson., Wait thats a little over dramatic but you get the point, right?

You may be tired of reading this but I have one last positive. It helps you with researching in the future. Researching is the key to any carrier or even good grades. You may ask me know how does it help me with grades well, because the latest trend is to give research projects. In grade ten would you like to listen a teacher read a whole textbook and lecturing you are research on a computer of what the teacher assigns you.

Well, in my opinion the second one suits me the best.

Well, hopefully you’ve understand that there’s more positives than negatives in speech arts and it’s just not torcher,


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