Ads analysis

Barbie/Girly Advertisement

The advertisement is mainly targeted to girls. I know that the ad is targeted to girls because of the colours they chose to make this ad. The colour they chose to make this ad appealing and attractive to girls. This shows a stereotype that girls like pink and purple. And even if a boy likes to have this maybe because of how it presented would make it feel uncomfortable asking for it. Also here comes the gender they have two girls on the picture. This a stereotype again that boys do not play with this and shows girls love playing with it. Girls are usually portrayed as pink and purple but in this image they are still portrayed pink and purple but instead are tom-boyish.

Chevrolet Colorado

This video is made by Chevrolet to advertise their all-new Chevrolet Colorado. In the beginning the audience judges a male who stands in front of a car and a Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck.  The person and vehicle are judged on the topic of what pet they might have. The man being judged is Caucasian and the judges are mixed. This man was wearing casual professional clothing with a shirt and jeans. The colour of the truck was red and the car was silver. The man with the car was told he might have birds but the same person with the truck was told he might have a german shepherd dog or a rattle snake or a tarantula.  As you can see, the judges are assuming what pet the men have depending on their vehicle.

I find this ad to be stereotypical about men that need to be muscular, and is influencing men to become the person in the picture and without it they won’t look as manly. Also the colour of the truck has a major impact on the look as well because a young adult at the age of 20 may think “Oh to look sexy and cool I need to be bold” and a way this ad shows this is to have a Hot Red Pickup truck. Also instead of knowing his emotions and what he likes, I find it’s not fair for the judges to assume the men are a certain way depending on the kind of vehicle they own.


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