Federal Election Platform Overview!

As the elections are just around to corner you just realize that there is only 7 more days till the election and advanced voting already opened .Now you wonder who to vote for, who will support your family and who will make a good prime minister. Well, don’t worry you came to the right place. On this post I will be talking to you about the platforms of the three main parties: The Conservative Party of Canada, The New Democratic Party of Canada, and The Liberal Party of Canada. In this article I would be talking about Health Care, Justice, Economy.


In this category the main idea that all parties are arguing about is marijuana. The Conservatives stand by the current policy of it being illegal and a criminal if found with marijuana. But the NDP and Liberals are willing to legalize and decriminalize as well are regulating marijuana. But the NDP’s allows a small amount and regulated it. The NDP’s want to the authorized sellers to take commission for consultations for non-medical use. The Liberals do not give any info about commissions. The liberals say that if they are elected they will establish a  public safety officer compensation benefit of $300,000 to support the families of First Responders and emergency worker who have died on the Line of Duty or permanently injured. The NDP and the Conservatives isn’t speak anything on this idea.


The NDP has stated that they will create 4 years of a balanced budget. They would also be increase the corporate tax from 15% to 17% and increase the federal minimum wage from whatever the province have to $15 for the whole country. The NDP say “they will lower the taxes for small sized businesses”. The NDP also say that they are going to add 1¢ of the existing tax for gas. As the Liberals don’t state anything about minimum wages but they stand on “cutting the middle class income tax rate from 22% to 20.5% and would raise taxes from 29% to 33% on incomes over $200,000”. and will create a Canadian Child Benefit worth “up to $533 a month per child.”. The Conservative say they would create “1.3 million new jobs by 2020.” The Conservative Party would and reduced small business tax rate from 11% to 9% by 2019. The Conservative government also says they will “invest 20 million in The Canadian Lobster Industry.

Refugee Crisis

As the refugee crisis is a Global Problem each party had promised a particular amount of the Conservatives promised to accept 10,000 refugees in the next four months. The Liberals promised to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada as the NDP say they would they would bring 10,000 immediately and 46,000 in the course on the next four years.

These are some of the ideas that the major parties had and their platform.

So even if you have voted already for the wrong parties you now at least what to expect.


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