Christmas is Approaching

Christmas is close approaching and for most christmas is the most stressful time in the year so welcome to the best blog ever! I wish :(. Anyway, this Friday is  Black Friday and Cyber Monday is this Monday. Most Americans get their Christmas shopping done on Black Friday or on Cyber Mondays. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Black Friday and  Cyber Monday, Black Friday is the day after the American Thanks Giving and Cyber Monday  is the Monday after Black Friday. On Black Friday people line up outside store and on Cyber Monday people stay up till mid-night to be able to purchase the things items they want online. And that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The next problem is where should we take our kids (if you have kids). Some place I went and would like to go is;

Great Wolf Lodge

Niagara Falls Indoor Water




Go to Basketball or a Hockey game

A restaurant

Downtown of the city you live in or a Major city near you

If you live in Ontario you could go to Buffalo (it will be more worth it if the Canadian Dollar would go up any sooner)

Go boxing day shopping


The Ontario Science Centre


To the theater to watch a movie



Blue Mountain

You can bake at your own home

Say  hi to Santa at your nearest shopping centre

Well, these are some things you can do during the winter holiday and some advice for holiday shopping.







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