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Here is a Summery of  “A Journey to the Center of the Earth” By Jules Verne



The Book “A Journey to the Center of the Earth” By Jules Verne changes history and three lives.

One day Harry’s uncle Professor Hardwiggs found an old book that was in Parchment he was stubborn to find out what it said because he could not understand it  couple days later he got out of his room Harry got in there tried the language was supposed to be read backwards. The secret was a mission to the center of the earth. Harry was about to destroy it but then his uncle came back.

In the Middle of the of the night Harry’s uncle found out.

The next day they left they took a train to Iceland and found a guide named Hans. They found an extinct volcano and entered the center of the earth.

It took them 2 ½ months to return!

While they were finding the center they faced several problems such as Shortage of water and losing each other and more.

I recommend this book to children 8 and over because there might be difficult word or maybe not understand the context. And people who like adventures.

I rate the book 5 star’s because it explained the problem clearly and from one chapter to chapter thirteen there were a lot of cliffhangers which made it interesting. This book has 138 pages.

Here is a link if you would like to borrow the book at the library

Catching Forever


The story is about a girl named Rose. She is a Mennonite and she used to go to a school called Lone Tree. But that school closed down. So Rose had to go to another school. She later found out that the bully that she met in summer camp goes to the Rose’s new school, the bully’s name Jude…

 After reading the book my opinion of it is boring. This is my opinion because I found the book not interesting. It did not hook me to that story. Especially in the middle of the book going shopping for jeans. also when Jude was making fun of people’s lunch’s. What I thought was “Seriously everyone’s lunch get smelly” when Jude said ” eeu your lunch smells disgusting”. That is my opinion

My recommendation is for Girls.

What about yours. Please add your opinion of the book in the comment section if you wish!

To know more go to your local library



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  1. i think the book can be for anyone because you read it to right veathagan

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