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It’s the season to enjoy time with family and watch movies. Many people favour the original movie Home Alone directed by Christopher Columbus, screenplay by John Hughes which was Initially released November 10, 1990 as a holiday favourite.

The movies cast Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCalister, Daniel Stern as Marv Merchants, Joe Pesci as Harry Lime, Catherine O’Hara as Kate McCalister also known as Kevin’s mom in the movie, John Heard as Peter McCalister also know as Kevin’s dad on the movie, as well as many of his sibling.

Home Alone is a movie which includes a lot of comedy, and adventure, and can be watched by all ages.


It all started when Kevin acts out on the day before the McCalister’s family vacation to France. Kate, Kevin’s mom punished him by making him sleep in the attic as he wished to not have a family. That night, the electrical wire snapped and their alarm clocks didn’t go off. Kate and Peter woke everyone up except Kevin who was not to come down. As he figured his wish not wanting a family has come true. As Kevin went through his sibling’s personal items and watch things he wasn’t supposed to, two burglars attempted to break into their house. Every time the burglars struck, Kevin hilariously defended his home and by plant bobby traps and playing pranks.

I love this movie and encourage everyone to watch it.  The thing I love about this movie is the humour and how the burglars get hit, but many people think that the burglars are a little too stereotypical and can be more complex.I also think that the beginning was a little boring.I also think the burglars are childish and have a bit of over-confidence.

Some things that Kate could have done when she noticed her son was missing was, she could have shown more expression.

Some things that Kevin could of done was to act more scared.  I would rate this movie a 4.5/5 because of their expression and the childishness. Also because I like the humour.


The Movie Parental Guidance

The movie I am going to talk to you is Parental Guidance the Main Actors are:

Billy Crystal (who plays Artie Decker, Bette Midler (who plays Diane Decker), Marisa Tomei (who plays Alice Simmons), Tom Everett Scott (who plays Phil Simmons),Bailee Madison (who plays Harper Simmons), Joshua Rush(who plays Turner Simmons), Kyle Harrison Breitkopf (who plays Barker Simmons).

This movie is a Comedy movie any one can watch it is very entertaining and fun to watch it is E for everyone.

The Movie Parental Guidance is about Phil who has to go to an award ceremony and they need a baby sitter. Phil parents were busy so they called Alice’s parents who were old school. And had a lot of problem such as game like baseball and etc.

Funny Facts: The movie is PG and the first litter of each word is PG!

Now a Video:

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

This week the movie I am going to talk about is called Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. The movie is a good movie and it is very entertaining and funny movie I will rate the movie as a 5 stared movie. The story is mainly about escape from Dubois the animals control and joining the circuscircus.


Diary of the Wimpy Kid Dog Days  The Movie

The movie I am going to talk about is Diary of the Wimpy Kid Dog Days.

the movie is a nice funny but sadly the movie is very short. If you have read the Books you know how Rodrick is all mean with Greg, in this movie is all different they are nice together if you know.

Fun Facts: Jessie’s Emma Ross is Holy Hills her real name is Peyton List.

And a short video clip from Diary of the Wimpy Kid Dog Days  The Movie

Next week I will talk about Madagascar 3


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