First I will start talking about Cigarette Butt. Cigarette Butt can take one to five years to decompose, that is 365-1825 day. So if you are an adult who smokes please be responsible to put it in the proper place or please stop smoking. Smoking does not help you or family or anyone and anything.

Second I am going to talk about Plastic Bag, it is unknown but scientists estimates 500 years or more this is why the city is trying to band $0.05 plastic bags. Instead go to Fresh Co. to get a reusable bag.

Third I am going to talk about Glass bottles, that take 1 million years to decompose. If it takes 1 million years in the Land Fill it will take way more years to decompose in dirt or in the water. Never smash a bottles.

Forth I am going to talk about Plastic Beverage Bottles , that unknown but  possible 500+ years.You might think it is recycling but some of them are not and even if it was it won’t be melting in water or on land.

Fifth I am going to talk about News Papers, that takes 2-4 weeks or more. And don’t think you can start to litter news paper because the you are wasting trees when it could be used again by recycling.

Sixth I will be talking about Apple Cores, that takes up to a month to decompose. But instead buying compost make some your self and put your apple core in it. it will still take a month but it is still worth. It has good nutrition for the plants and it saves you money.

You Might think this all about garbage but these thinks get littered in the land

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