Goal, Aim: to Have the best March break
Material: No Material are needed
Meted, How:
1.       Your family can go on a bike ride->
2.       Your family can go to a indoor water park Is good because your child will have a lot of
fun and in a life time it is not like going every month or every week just for one day let your
child enjoy! Without your child playing and enjoying they aren’t active or fit.
3.       Your family Can go to the restaurant
4.       Your family can go to the park
5.       Your family can go camping
6.       Your family can go to the “Ontario Science Centre, art workshops at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, circus tricks at the TOHU circus centre, and natural wonders at the  Biodome and Botanical Gardens. And make the most of the end of winter with outdoor activities” For more info go to http://goo.gl/eLAVf .
7.       You can go to your cousin’s house
8.       You can go on a sleep over
9.       You can go tobogganing if there is snow
10.you can go skiing/snowboarding
.   .        Lastly you can go to USA for info go to   http://goo.gl/MPKZ4
These are some places to go and if you did please write a comment how you it experienced
I hope you have a good March Brake!!!!!

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