Procedural (How to/What to do things)

How to have a Good Party

Hello people thank you for reading my instructional post about how to have a good party and now I will be talking to you about how to have a party with your friends  (with Class mate or neighbors). Our Goal is to make our GUESTES Feel Like Home and Entertain GUESTES!!!
1.  You have to make up Games without game it is not a fun partyJ.
2.  you will need at least 2 movies for the guest to choose from .
3.  You need food. If it is a birthday you will need a birthday cake.
Pretty much that all you need. Enjoy

How to Take Care of a Baby

If you are a older sibling that is 7, 8,9,10 older than the younger sibling
And if you need help read this article. 
Before I tell you all this info I had this same problem. My bro. is 9 years younger than me.
How to make a baby go to bed
To make a baby go to bed is to sing the
A, B, C or to give milk. I prefer to sing the   A, B, C because the baby will learn the A,B,C quicker.
How to Change the Dippers
Put the baby on the dipper changing cloth.
Take off the old dipper (lift the legs softly. With baby wipes clean the babies bottom softly.
Put Vaseline.
put the Vaseline on the dipper
Put the dipper on
 Put the Dipper in the garbage the wash your hands.
Why baby don’t laugh right away
You might think that make a baby laugh is hard. But you just have to give the baby sometime. Around 3-4 months the baby will start to laugh and it will start to make noses.
When the baby will do…
Your babies will start to turn from there back to the chest in 3-4 months.
The babies tooth will start to come out between 6 months and 21/2 years.
 Pediatricians recommends to give baby cereal in 6 months first you give 2 tea spoons then add 1 tea spoon every week.
In 6 ½ months you give baby juice.
In 7 months you give Veggies. In 71/2 you give fruits.
In 8 months you give meat. BUT DON’T GIVE EGG!!! But if you don’t want to give meat you don’t have to.
In 9 months you can give anything EXCEPT NUTS AND EGG.
and that is how to talk care of a baby
(before doing thing talk to your health care provider)

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