My Stories

The Hacker

Today was on my computer signing on Hotmail, Yahoo, Face book, twitter. Just then I was hacked. I could not control the mouse and the keyboard. The person was viewing my personal stuff. So I press the Power button. Then the computer shut down.  After 5 minutes I restarted the computer. But the hacker didn’t give up on me.  So I try to ask the hackers IP# and his name but he did not respond. Then my brother came and asked me what I was doing. I said nothing. And he when to his lab (AKA: his room). He wants to be a scientist when he grows up. I want to be a computer teacher like Mr.Veeththakan. Then he replied and said it was his teacher. So the next day, I asked if my math, language, and Etc. teacher if he had hack my computer. He said no so I asked my computer teacher he also said no. Also I asked my principal he also said no. So after school I quickly do my home work and on the computer. On my iPad I made a Gmail account and forward all info to the Gmail account. So the hacker cannot find any info. When everyone was watching a movie I sneaked in to my brother’s room and I was amazed of the entire technology he has. Okay Back to work so I installed a secret camera to find out who was doing it because I got an email from the hacker it is someone from the family. Anyway good night I am going to sleep I am tired. The next day found out it was my whole family.

A Day at Garbageville

ImageAhhh! A nice Saturday Morning at Garbageville-wait what type of raccoon am  I? I did not even introduce myself. I am Crunchy I have a brother named Crazy. My favorite thing in the world is garbage!!! I will do or give up anything for garbage but it is expensive. But anyway back to my good day before Crazy ruin it like all times. He is like Rodrick from   Diary of the Wimpy Kid.  After all this talking I am hung-ery. Let’s see what we have. Okay five slices of pizza, peanut butter- jelly and bread. Okay let’s make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yummy! I am going to make ten more.

One hour later:  “Crunchy”, Mom called
Two hours later: “It has been an hour since I called.  Said mom
Next thing you I got addicted to sugar and fat and forgot about garbage the nutrias and tasty ones. Okay Forget that mom was very disappointed so believe me we are going to have a long fight at least this won’t be month fight it will be a week fight so see you in a week.
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  1. okay then =-O :O

  2. These stories are funny and really good!

  3. Its nice. But cool.

  4. i like your stories

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